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Company History

Simonetti Adamo S.r.l. was founded in 1958 sensing the enormous potential of a material which was just begging to appear on the Italian market around that time: plastic.

In the first thirty years it focused on technical components "custom molding" for sporting, industrial and furniture companies, acquiring
the right know-how in the processing of raw materials.

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In the 90s Simonetti pursued its ambition even further and transformed itself into an independent production business capable of autonomously designing, producing and distributing its products all over the world.

Alessandro Pasqualato - Company CEO - began to transform the company's core business, letting himself be inspired by the world of horticulture.

In 1998 the first Picker Tomato Clip prototype was born from the expertise developed in the greenhouse, in direct contact with customer needs, and from the collaboration with a team of technicians and designers.


In the first twenty years of the 2000s, Simonetti consolidated the clips production by expanding its range of products, lead by a single common thread: transforming simple high-tech quality fasteners into real trellis components at the service of the greenhouses staff for their daily work.

At the same time, the company revolutionized its structure. With the introduction of new machinery aimed at automating production as much
as possible, staff organization was completely changed. Simonetti began its transition from a "production oriented" company to a "sales oriented" one. During the last year it has expanded its production site, moving into new premises to promote the growth of its business.

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In almost 25 years, Simonetti Adamo Srl has never forgotten that from the very beginning it has been a strongly customer-centric company

Today it has become an internationally recognized player by greenhouse builders, distributors, cooperatives and farmers.


With a total production capacity of more than one billion pieces, the company is now the market leader in Italy, and exports approximately
60% of its entire production.

Operating in 43 countries, Simonetti has reached thousands of hectares
of greenhouses all over the world, through a global network of distributors and affiliates with whom it is building a relationship far
from classic customer-supplier standards, but one of real partnership based on a single common interest: ensuring maximum yield and high
crop production.

Attention in managing
the daily relationship
with the customer
and his specific and
unique needs


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