This product range dedicated to soft fruit was created to help growers obtain orderly and well-structured plantations.

Through its hooking system that attaches to a horizontal metal wire, depending on the needs associated with plant size or type of stem (thick or thin, more or less woody), these accessories help:

  • give the correct support to every single plant’s growth, while protecting the stem from potential damage;
  • promote a structured and resistant trellis system, capable of contributing to high-quality harvest.


The common characteristic of possessing a strong grip to the wire, indeed, is important to prevent sliding due to wind, especially in the case of outdoor plantations.

Furthermore, all the above items have been designed to be:

  • applied easily;
  • used for a long time period;
  • re-usable;
  • multi-seasonal.


BERRY CLIPS: flexible clip suitable for fixing stems to the wire.

RING 60: flexible clip used to join the two horizontal twine providing solidity to the trellis structure.

FRUIT CONNECTOR: rigid clip suitable for fixing stems to the wire. Mainly used for orchards.

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