Combining the right metal structure with the right 1/1200 twine, our wire hooks are the best easy and controlled way to initially prepare, and then continue, vertical plant growing in a greenhouse.

Used with the aim of extending the plant production cycle as much as possible, they allow growers to lower tomato and cucumber plants, improving productivity in a safe way and obtaining cost savings.

The Hook design, indeed:

  • prevents accidental sliding, capable of ruining the plant crop;
  • permits the enhanced and clear acceleration of ordinary staff operations. In particular, the Wire Hook with free-fall release system can be rolled out in a single release.




Our Wire Hooks can be customized to the growers’ needs, based on the type of greenhouse and crop planted.

The types available are as follows:


METAL HOOKS SIZES: 180 mm, 220 mm
METAL HOOKS TIPOLOGY: single, double


1/1200 TWINE AVAILABLE COLORS: white, red, green, yellow
1/1200 TWINE LENGHT: customized



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