This section includes a series of complementary items recommended, on the one hand, for greenhouse hydroponic cultivation (both vegetables and flowers), and, on the other hand, for greenhouse cultivation in field.

All these products, although designed for different applications, have three common features, namely:

  • quick and easy application;
  • UV resistance;
  • long-lasting.


CLIP FOR NET: used for fastening insect-proof nets or shade. Its strong closure guarantees a strong hold.

FILM CLIPS: used to fix plastic films or tarps on the tube of greenhouse structures, mainly in Mediterranean areas. To obtain a strong seal, place the clip on the tube with the plastic film and roll it up on itself with the same film to create the ideal thickness to fix the structure appropriately.


GUTTER: these hydroponic gutters designed for growing flowers and vegetables in pots, thanks to their particular structure, allow to bring the nutrients to the plants during their growth phase.

EBB-FLOW GUTTER: shaped bottom gutter for Ebb and Flow hydroponic system method.

FLAT GUTTER: flat bottom gutter developed for the Nutrient Film Technique.

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