This section presents a number of supports specifically designed for tomatoes, peppers and zucchini, considering different cultivation methods, different uses ∼ in greenhouses or open fields ∼ and different growing seasons ∼ long-term or short-term production cycle.


DISTY PEPPER SUPPORT: developed for the “Spanish” pepper cultivation method, thanks to its hooking system attaching to a vertical wire, it guarantees a sturdy and ordered trellis system, connecting also the two side horizontal strings to each other.



Designed for a trellis system growth and usually for low greenhouses, these clips promote the zucchini vertical growth, in order to extend the production cycle of the plant as much as possible, with quick and easy application.

Their “anti-slip” technology enables a strong hold to the twine, preventing possible support vertical sliding or displacement.


ZUCCHINI HOOK: its hook shape allows for quick and easy application and removal.

RING 60: its larger diameter supports the plant without forcing it.

– also used for eggplants (promoting vertical growth) & in pepper cultivations (providing solidity to the trellis structure) –



TOP CLIP: item designed to prevent stem breakage while growing up and down (in an “Umbrella” growing method). This is achieved thanks to its hooking system that, by attaching to a horizontal metal wire, accompanies the plant throughout its growth, automatically inclining in its descending trajectory and acting as a support surface for the stem thus allowing for homogeneous weight distribution. The “double click” fixing system prevents it from sliding horizontally on the wire.

– also used in cucumber and melon cultivations –

LATERAL HOOK: applied in the first months of growth, it is used to support the tomato extra shoots attaching them to the mother plant (the main stem), saving labour costs and additional twine usually used to join and compact growth.

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