The assortment for orchards and vineyards aims at helping growers create a trellis system capable of shaping and supporting young fruit trees and vines.

Based on the orchard or vineyard structure and on the cultivation needs, with their quick hooking system attaching to the horizontal wires, they allow for easy release at the end of the season or a firm and long-lasting attachment to the wire, capable of withstanding several growing seasons.


VINE HOOK L. 53 mm: clip used for the trellising of vine shoots. Its design allows a simple hook and release at the beginning/at the end of the season, with the aim of flexibly managing the trellising system.

VINE HOOK FIXED L. 25 mm: clip used for the trellising of vine shoots. Thanks to the particular “anti-slip” design of its single hook, the clip remains hooked in the same position for all subsequent seasons.

VINE HOOK L. 20 mm: clip used for the trellising of vine shoots, ensures the closed binding of horizontal wires.

FRUIT CONNECTOR: rigid clip suitable for connecting stems to the wire. Easy to release and reuse.

BERRY CLIPS: clip used to fix small/medium size stems (like Kiwi branches) to the trellising wire.

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