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Trellis Components for Horticolture

The range of products dedicated to horticulture is today the company's core business. The passion with which it has been designed, built and expanded over the years has led to operating in 43 countries, reaching thousands of hectares of greenhouses all over the world.

The performance guaranteed by the plastic supports proposed here aim in fact to favor a radical simplification of crop management work. Three main objectives:

- speed and high usability;

- savings in terms of manpower;

- attention to plant productivity through the prevention of stem damage and breakage.

It is only thanks to the customers, with whom the first steps were taken, that this result has been achieved. Each feedback and suggestion, and every hour personally spent in their greenhouses was seized as an opportunity for learning, improvement, and growth. Only with such a personal and direct relationship with their needs has it been possible, over the years, to transform high- tech quality fasteners into real trellis components at the service of daily operations in the greenhouse.